THE MEDELLÍN DIAGRAM: Talk+Tamales/Exhibition

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Medellín Diagram

Tuesday February 2, Noon – 1:00 pm
Visual Arts Gallery @ Structural and Materials Engineering Building
University of California, San Diego

Join Medellin Diagram creators Teddy Cruz and Fonna Forman with Ph.D. Curator Stephanie Sherman for a discussion + audience Q+A about recent transformations in the city of Medellin and the vision, production, and effects of the Medellin Diagram project.

Tamales will be served.

THE MEDELLIN DIAGRAM: Exhibition Details
Running until, February 12, 2016
Gallery Hours, Tuesday & Thursday, Noon – 4:00 pm & by Appointment
Visual Arts Gallery @ Structural and Materials Engineering Building
University of California, San Diego

In the last fifteen years, many Latin American cities have undergone progressive urban transformations–engaging violence, conflict and socio-economic inequality in rethinking public policy and urbanization. The city of Medellin, Colombia, is a powerful example of a radically restructured civic domain. Medellin reimagined infrastructure, housing, and density, developing new forms of public management to mediate top-down development and bottom-up social organization.

The Medellin Diagram is an evolving visualization project that explores the political and civic processes that enabled Medellín’s transformation. The diagram demonstrates that it is not by emulating buildings and transport systems that cities across the globe can begin to approximate the inclusive urbanization that transformed this city; rather, the key is to understand the complexity of this process, and its sustainability over time. The diagram presents the ways in which Medellin was foremost a political project through which institutions reimagined themselves, and cross-sector collaborations facilitated new interfaces between top-down and bottom-bottom knowledges and resources.

The Medellin Diagram was developed by architect/ urbanist Teddy Cruz and political theorist Fonna Forman, in collaboration with architect/ urbanist Alejandro Echeverri and graphic designer Matthias Goerlich.

This exhibition is part of the annual Civic Imagination Lecture Series, a project of the UCSD Cross-Border Initiative. A schedule of talks and workshops for Winter and Spring will be announced shortly.

This exhibition is possible with support from the Department of Visual Arts, the UCSD Center on Global Justice, and the UC San Diego Committee on Research.

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