While the Center on Global Justice is committed to real-word intervention at local scale, we are also engaged in important global debates about poverty, human rights and collective responsibilities and coordinated global strategies to protect those who are vulnerable.  We are committed to rethinking academic narratives on these questions, which are too often articulated in abstract modalities that float high above the ground.  Our work grounds global justice thinking in empirical research, to generate theory that more critically comprehends the specificity of context, the multiplicity of human experience, and the urgency of conflict and human deprivation. This research agenda was established in 2011 at the Center’s inaugural conference, New Frontiers in Global Justice when 25 global justice scholars, along with practitioners from international agencies like UNICEF and the World Bank, convened at UC San Diego to reflect on how to more authentically ground global justice thinking in the human experiences of injustice. We frequently host public lectures with global and local thought leaders and practitioners to further our reflection on these issues.

CGJ researchers have participated in high-impact global initiatives focused on harmful social norms, informal urbanization, border ethics, climate disruption, climate solutions education and human rights in the 21st century, distributed across the CGJ research clusters

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