The Cross-Border Citizen

A collaboration between the Center on Global Justice and the Bogota-based NGO, Corpovisionarios and its Director, Antanas Mockus, legendary former mayor of Bogota, who consults cities across the world on changing harmful urban social norms.  A 2014 grant from the Ford Foundation enabled us to work closely with the municipalities of San Diego and Tijuana, and dozens of stakeholders across the border region, to design a “Citizenship Culture Survey” that measured shared interests and public trust in the cities of San Diego and Tijuana.  The survey was devised as the basis of a new Bi-national Vision Plan between the two municipalities.

The Cross-Border Citizen project was exhibited in 2017 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in “Visualizing Citizenship: Seeking a New Public Imagination,” Teddy Cruz + Fonna Forman with Matthias Görlich.

Public Exhibition of the Cross-Border Citizen
Visualizing Citizenship: Seeking a New Public Imagination, solo show, Teddy Cruz + Fonna Forman with Matthias Görlich, The Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, San Francisco (2017)

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The center on global justice hosted a dinner in Tijuana in November 2012 for Antanas Mockus, to discuss citizen culture in the San Diego – Tijuana Border Region.

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