Norms and Networks  

CGJ Fellow Holly Shakya has become arguably the world’s leading authority on the social-network aspects of social norms.  She completed her UCSD/SDSU Ph.D., took a post at the UCSD Division of Global Public Health, and remains a fellow of the CGJ.  Shakya and UC San Diego Political Scientist James Fowler were part of a larger research team that obtained funding from the Gates Foundation from 2014 to 2018, housed at the CGJ, to “identify novel ways of targeting influential individuals so as to foster behavior cascades and population-level behavior change” by randomized controlled trial of intervention and the mapping of face-to-face networks over 40,000 people and 160 villages in Honduras.  Another research assistant on the measurement project, Political Science and IR/PS joint PhD Elaine Denny, did substantial paid consultation over several years with the NGO Voices 4 Change in Nigeria, applying measurement strategies and devising and devising successful new extensions, resulting in a policy report, “Attitudes, Practice, and Social Norms:​ ​ Key Gender Equality Issues In Selected Nigerian States” (January, 2016).

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