Forum on Energy and Climate Justice with Mary Robinson

In April 2013 the CGJ organized a two-day campus-wide forum on energy and climate justice, in collaboration with the Scripps Institution of Oceanography and five divisions across the campus. This event was designed to support a campus-wide “Advanced Energy Initiative”, and to catalyze partnerships, research projects, and funding streams that have made climate justice a core research cluster for the Center on Global Justice.

On Day 1, we curated a high-profile televised conversation between SIO’s Ram Ramanathan (and his Project Surya research on short-lived climate pollutants) and Mary Robinson, former President of Ireland, UN High Commissioner of Human Rights, and beloved global advocate for climate justice. Day 1 ended with a lecture on Climate Justice by Mary Robinson (video to right).

Day 2 was a public forum that showcased the UC San Diego’s research and innovation on energy solutions, with four panels that discussed: short-lived pollutants like soot and black carbon; electricity generation and transmission; fuel and transport challenges, and the need for a bioregional approach to analyzing and adapting to climate change. Participants included: Steve Mayfield, George Tynan, David Victor, Fonna Forman, Byron Washom, Wael Al-Delaimy, Keith Pezzoli, Teddy Cruz, Ram Ramanathan, Carlos Coimbra, Mark Jacobsen, Steve Parish, Shirley Meng, Lynn Russell, Jen Burney, others.

Mary Robinson in Conversation with Ram Ramanathan

Lecture on Climate Justice by Mary Robinson

Videos from the Forum on Energy and Climate

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