Female Genital Cutting

The CGJ’s research on female genital cutting was central to the United Kingdom’s decision in April, 2013 to fund a $45 million 5-year program to support the end of FGC. The program unfolds in three parts: funding abandonment programs, global communications, and original research.  The two leading authorities on FGC in the world, Mackie at CGJ and Bettina Shell-Duncan at the University of Washington, joined with the Population Council in a research consortium that obtained a $10 million research grant, which commenced in February, 2016. One purpose of the UK DFID program is to build research capacities among African universities and research organizations.  The consortium includes African research teams from Egypt, Kenya, Nigeria, Senegal, and Sudan.  The CGJ’s role is generally to advise research design and analysis findings, to more actively design and help execute several particular efforts, and to produce several synthetic reports near the project’s end on both scientific and policy questions.  Click here for more on Mackie’s research on FGC.

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