The UCSD Community Stations

The UCSD Community Stations, are a network of field stations located in disadvantaged neighborhoods on both sides of the San Diego-Tijuana border, designed for collaborative research, teaching and advocacy among university researchers, school districts, and community-based non profit partners.  Each Community Station operates as a civic classroom that is designed, funded, managed and programmed collaboratively between UC San Diego researchers and a community-based non-profit. Together we have transformed vacant and neglected parcels and spaces into new environments for collaborative research, educational programming, cultural production, environmental literacy and climate action.  The UCSD Community Stations are “public spaces that educate.” For more see here.

UCSD-EarthLab Community Station  

The UCSD EarthLab Community Station is located in the Southeast San Diego neighborhood of Encanto in partnership with the non-profit Groundwork San Diego and the San Diego Unified School District.

Focus: Informal K-12 education, environmental literacy and climate action.

Community Station

The UCSD-CASA Community Station is located in the border neighborhood of San Ysidro, California in partnership with the non-profit Casa Familiar.

Focus: immigration, social housing, air quality and equitable urban development.

UCSD-DIVINA Community Station

The UCSD-DIVINA Community Station is located in the Laureles Canyon, an informal settlement of 85,000 people at the periphery of Tijuana, in partnership with the nonprofit Colonos del la Divina Providencia.

Focus: poverty,  environmental health, informal urbanization, water management and cross-border environmental policy.

UCSD-ALACRÁN  Community Station

The UCSD-ALACRÁN Community Station is located in the Alacrán Canyon, a precarious settlement and emergency migrant housing site at the periphery of Tijuana, in partnership with the faith-based organization Embajadores de Jesus.

Focus: emergency housing, migration and strategies for social and economic inclusion.

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