Climate Justice

During the last 20 years, at least 606,000 people have died from extreme weather events. In 30 years 40% of the global population, rich and poor, will be exposed to catastrophic heat waves, droughts, fires, storms, floods, vector- and water-borne diseases. Before century’s end, 80% of the population will be exposed to deadly heat waves. Climate disruption poses the greatest global threat to human health and well-being, intensifying and complicating forced migration and all the other critical problems our world faces. Vulnerable populations are least responsible for creating the crisis, and yet they are at greatest risk.

Climate change has gotten entangled with political and corporate agendas that obfuscate the crisis. The problem is accelerating not because we lack technical solutions but because we lack public commitment for urgent action. We need to change our culture.

The Center on Global Justice is committed to research, advocacy and consultation on climate disruption and climate justice, working at top-down and bottom-up scales simultaneously to slow the warming, as well as to help vulnerable communities adapt to a warming climate. New technologies, policies and financial tools must be paired with new social strategies, to produce meaningful change.

Through the UCSD Community Stations, we are committed to advancing new methods of climate education and participatory climate action in close partnership with underserved communities across the San Diego–Tijuana border region.

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